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  • "We had a great experience with the wainscoting. What a great product! I seldom find a product as well made and well represented as yours."


  • "I found your wainscoting system very easy to use, fast and beautiful when finished. Very impressive. From start to finish, everyone at IntriG I had dealings with was great!"


  • "I was impressed with the way the whole process went. Having the CAD capability allowed me to spec the wainscoting panels into my drawing and actually helped sell the project. Thanks Eric!"


  • "I'm just glad it was as uncomplicated as you said. Downside is my wife wants your wainscot everywhere now. Seriously, thanks, we're both really very happy."


  • "My guys were in and out of there in record time and, the customer already gave a great referral. Best wainscoting installation process on the market!"

Elegant Wainscoting made Simple…the most wainscot styles, sharpest details and superior support.



Intrig invites you to forget everything you know about traditional wainscoting save the ageless beauty and cultured style it adds to a space.

Forget the design limitations...
Intrig offers:

FORGET it has to be a complicated and long, drawn-out process

  • Provide a few basic measurements (1 to 3 dim. on the average wall!), IntriG does all the calculation to achieve architecturally and aesthetically balanced panels
  • Easy to understand/use Order Form
  • Installs in a fraction of the time

FORGET kits!

  • You’ll receive primed, solid, seamless sections up to 8’ wide that apply directly on your wall. Stable material that will not shift, crack or split over time and is even harder than Poplar and Pine.

It’s time to Rethink Wainscot!